Frequently asked questions

The Basics
Kitchup is an online marketplace that lists a variety of commercial kitchen space available to rent daily, weekly or monthly. We connect businesses looking for kitchen space with our Kitchen Hosts that have available kitchen space. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible to find and book commercial kitchen space online.
Kitchup is an online platform for businesses. We are proud to have helped a variety of businesses from food startups to established brands.

To book a kitchen, you will need to have a registered business, business insurance and food hygiene certificate (if handling or making food to be sold to the public).
We are the UK’s first online marketplace for kitchen space, focused on making more kitchen space available on-demand for businesses. Whether that be a one day hire for a film shoot or a one year hire for street food production - we want to make it as easy as possible to find and book the perfect kitchen space for your business.
Listing a kitchen, submitting an enquiry and booking a kitchen through Kitchup is a completely free service. Kitchen Hosts only pay a 10% commission on the total hire fee once a booking is confirmed.
Kitchen clients – searching and booking space
The first place to start is our search tool on the homepage. Enter your preferred location to see what kitchens are available in that area. If you want to narrow down the results, you can filter by kitchen use, type of occupancy and equipment.

If you can’t find a kitchen that suits your requirements or need a helping hand, let us know. Send an email to [email protected] with your preferred location, length of hire, a bit of info on your business, why you need a kitchen and your max budget. We’ll get back in touch with a few of our hand picked suggestions.
We list a variety of kitchens, and these differ in the type of occupancy available. Each kitchen will select which type of occupancy is available and this will be displayed on the listing.

Private - available for sole use.

Shift - designated time slots when no one else is using the space. Other businesses use the space at other times.

Shared – work alongside other food business in a co-cooking environment.
Every kitchen will display their typical availability with the days and hours they usually have available in the kitchen which you can reference before making an enquiry. We encourage our Kitchen Hosts to keep this as up-to-date as possible, but sometimes it isn’t always accurate.

To check the availability of a kitchen, you need to submit an enquiry form with your required dates. This will be sent straight to the Kitchen Host who will be able to confirm availability.

If you are looking for a long term booking of over one month, then make this clear in your kitchen requirements when you send an enquiry.
We do not have access to individual Kitchen Hosts calendars. It may be that your preferred kitchen is not be available on the dates you have chosen, or for your required use but it may available for others.
We strongly recommend a viewing, as this is a great opportunity to meet the Kitchen Host, assess whether the kitchen is fit for your needs and ask any questions you may have.

When you send an enquiry to a Kitchen Host you will have the option to request a viewing and select two possible dates and times you are available. The Kitchen Host will then either accept one of your chosen times or find a mutually agreeable time via the messenger tool on the platform.

You can request to book a kitchen without a viewing, but this is not something we recommend unless you are familiar with the space.
Once you have found a kitchen you like, you need to send an enquiry to the Kitchen Host. Select your required dates of hire and complete a simple enquiry form to give the Kitchen Host a clear idea of what you will use the kitchen for. The Kitchen Host will then be able to confirm availability of the space and suitability for your business.

If it’s a good match, you will receive an offer from the Kitchen Host. You will have 48 hours to accept the offer and agree to the Kitchen Hire Agreement. Once you have accepted an offer, payment for the space will be due to the Kitchen Host. Payment is made direct to the Kitchen Host who will invoice you separately.
We encourage our Kitchen Hosts to respond to requests within 48 hours, but if you haven’t heard back within this time, please get in touch with us [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to followTwelve
Each Kitchen Host will list what equipment they have available when they create their listing. They are responsible for keeping this up to date, so we cannot guarantee what is available. If something is essential for your booking or if you want to bring in your own equipment then we recommend mentioning this when you enquire.
The shortest hire period for a commercial kitchen is usually 8 hours (a day hire), although some studio kitchens can be hired for shorter periods. We encourage our Kitchen Hosts to make their kitchen available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis but not all kitchens have that flexibility. If in doubt, send an enquiry to the Kitchen Host with details of your request.
This will vary depending on the Kitchen Host, some are happy to book long-term bookings a few months in advance. However, shorter hires are more difficult to book in advance in case they clash with a long-term hire coming in. One-off, short-term hires can usually only be booked a few weeks in advance.
Most kitchens will require you to provide proof of your business insurance and food hygiene certificate to ensure you are covered when using the kitchen. We recommend uploading these documents to your profile before sending an enquiry to a kitchen, it will save you time when booking a kitchen.
Kitchen clients - payment & hire agreement
Once you have accepted an offer from a Kitchen Host, you’ll need to pay the agreed hire fee and any other fees that were included in the booking (e.g. deposit, cleaning). The Kitchen Host will contact you directly with their preferred payment method and invoice with due date for payment.
The hire fee on the listing is a either a daily, weekly or monthly price set by the Kitchen Host. The listing may also include additional fees such as a cleaning fee or over night storage.
Yes, all Kitchen Hosts will require you to pay a refundable damage deposit when hiring their space. The amount will vary depending on the kitchen and the length of hire. When a Kitchen Host sends an offer for a hire, they will confirm the deposit amount.
Most of our Kitchen Hosts will not negotiate on the price. However, if you are booking for a long period or are providing added value to the space, there may be more flexibility. Any negotiations are at the Kitchen Hosts discretion.
The booking period will vary depending on the kitchen, some Kitchen Hosts are happy to hire their kitchen by the day and others will be looking for a long-term hire. They may specify a minimum or maximum booking period for their kitchen, which will be included in the Kitchen Rules, so make sure you check the listing.
When you receive an offer from the Kitchen Host you will have 48 hours to accept it and agree to the Kitchen Hire Agreement. If requested, you may also be required to provide proof of your business insurance and food hygiene certificate to confirm a booking. Once all the required information has been provided, and you have accepted the offer, the booking will be confirmed and your payment will be due. If the offer is not accepted in 48 hours it will be retracted and a new booking will have to be made.
The cancellation policy will vary depending on the kitchen. It will be clearly shown on the listing and offer so make sure you have read it carefully before accepting an offer.
Before confirming a booking, you will need to agree to the Kitchen Hire Agreement which outlines the terms and conditions which apply between you and the Kitchen Host relating to your hire of the kitchen. It is a direct contract between yourself and the Kitchen Host.
Before you start your hire, it is the Kitchen Hosts responsibility to make sure the kitchen is clean and ready for when you go into the space. Whilst in the kitchen space it is your responsibility to maintain the cleanliness standards. We have a ‘leave as you found it’ policy, and you are expected to leave the kitchen exactly as you found it. Following your hire, the Kitchen Host will leave you a rating and review so it’s in your interest to keep it sparkling clean!
Kitchen Hosts – listing a kitchen
Listing a kitchen is easy. Simply click ‘List your kitchen’ on our homepage. If you haven’t already registered, you will first need to provide some basic contact information such as name, email and telephone. Remember the email you use to set up your account will be the email that receives booking requests and notifications.

Next, you will be guided through our list a kitchen form which includes key sections for you to complete such as equipment, availability and pricing. Once you are happy with your listing, click ‘request approval’. We review every listing and aim to respond within 24 hours during the week.

If you have any problems completing the information then just get in touch on [email protected] and one of our team will help you through the process.
When you sign up to Kitchup, you will agree to our Terms of Business which outlines the responsibility of our Kitchen Hosts to assess the legal implications of licensing their kitchen.

Read our full Terms of Business
This can vary from kitchen to kitchen and can depend on a number of factors such as the availability of your kitchen, location and price to name a few.

If you’d like to discuss how to improve your listing or increasing the visibility on our website, get in touch with us [email protected]
We are trying to increase the hygiene standards across the food industry and want to encourage best practice. Although your hygiene rating wont apply to the business hiring your space, it will be an indication of the cleanliness of the premises and how the space is managed. Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects to running a food operation and we will only list kitchens that adhere to the guidelines set by the Food Standards Agency.
You are required to take photos of your kitchen and will need to upload them to your listing. These need to be high-res landscape images. Photos can make a big difference to your listing. If you’d like to pay for professional photos of your kitchen then we can arrange this for you, get in touch with us [email protected]
We’re always happy to help you maximise the visibility of your kitchen. Please send an email to [email protected] and we will discuss the available options.
Kitchen Host – viewings and bookings
If a client has requested a viewing, you will receive an enquiry with two possible viewing dates and times they are available. It’s a great opportunity to meet the client and ensure they are a good fit for your kitchen. If you can’t make the suggested times, you can agree a mutually agreeable time via the messenger tool and confirm the time on the platform.
Once a client has viewed your kitchen (or requested a booking without a viewing), you will be able to send the client an offer with details of the hire including price, duration and agreement. The booking will be confirmed once the client accepts the offer.
It is up to you to manage the kitchen space. We will advertise the kitchen to a wide range of businesses and facilitate a booking, however responsibility of the space and how it is managed is down to you.
You will sign up to our terms and conditions when you list your kitchen with us.

When a booking is confirmed, you will either use our Kitchen Hire Agreement or your own booking agreement. The hire agreement is always between the Kitchen Host and the business hiring and a booking is only confirmed when both parties have agreed to it. Kitchup help to adminsister this through the online platform, but are not a party to any hire agreement.
We encourage our clients to upload their business insurance and relevant food hygiene certificates to their profile to speed up the booking process.

When you create an offer for a client, you can request proof of their business insurance and food hygiene certificate via the platform. If requested and they haven’t already uploaded the documents to their profile, the client will be prompted to do so before they can confirm the booking.
Kitchen Hosts are responsible for invoicing and taking payment (including deposits) direct from the client. Following confirmation of a booking, you will have all the details of the booking and agreement available in your Host Dashboard. If you need any guidance on payment, please get in touch with us [email protected]
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