Hackney Wick Production Kitchen



Great 5 star * Kitchen designed for production. Perfect for delivery catering or batch production. Viewings welcome.

Helped lots of startups grow, even build there own kitchens.
Large walk-in attached. Welcome to bring more equipment down.
We offer storage also. We have WIFI. Washing machine, Shower & Parking. We also have a deep cleaner once a week.
We have a great relationship with the council & can help you with your HACCP and ratings.

We do not do one-offs. Only regular users paid monthly. 8 hours minimum.
At the moment we are looking for someone to take afternoons/evenings and nights/early mornings 7 days a week. Deliveroo or Ubereats or evening baking would be perfect!


All our Tenants even have always gotten 5 stars!
We offer discounts for regular renters.
£16 per hour after 5 pm, for 1 shift a week.
£15 per hour after 5 pm, for 2 shifts a week.
£14 per hour after 5 pm, for 3 shifts a week.
£13 per hour after 5 pm, for 4 shifts a week.
£12 per hour after 5 pm, for 5 shifts a week.
£11 per hour after 5 pm, for 6 shifts a week.
£10 per hour after 5 pm, for 7 shifts a week.

Discount is given to people that rent nights and regular businesses renting more than 1 day a week. If you rent out all the evenings on a long-term basis we would do a heavy discount and charge only £2000pcm for exclusive rights to use it all evening from 5 pm till 5 am.

This kitchen is located on an extremely accessible industrial estate in Hackney Wick. Just a 9-minute walk from Hackney Wick overground this would suit a number of different food organizations looking for a large kitchen with flexible use. The kitchen is located inside a warehouse with optional extra space for supper clubs, photo or film shoots.

9 comfortable workstations
2 Deep Sinks
1 wash hand basin
Walk-in freezer
3 Commercial fridges
Separate pantry area
State of the art combi oven (with auto cooking and self-cleaning functions)
Induction Ranges
Blast chiller
Vacuum packing machine
Immersion circulator (for sous vide cooking)
3-phase electricity
Chopping boards

All the pro-cooking essentials (color-coded chop boards, color-coded knives, and any other tools required)
All the features one would expect to find in a proper kitchen (3 separate sinks, easy-to-clean surfaces etc.)

The kitchen is connected to a large communal space that is shared with other businesses. There are 3 shared toilets and a shower that can be used if needed.

Please don't call me past 6 pm. I work very early. Just text me or email me and I will call you back 07951615201.

Thanks for reading Tom

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Combi oven

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Electric oven

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Electric hob

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Free standing induction hob

Thin 0891 cooking hob kitchen appliances 256

Countertop induction hob

32 microwave 512

Domestic microwave

Logo sousvide

Sous vide

Vitamine 512

Upright blender

Food processor 1 512

Food processor

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Food slicer

Vacuum cleaner 512

Vacuum pack

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Kitchen knives

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Juicer 512


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Chopping board

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Blast chiller


Pots and pans

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Stand up fridge

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Walk in fridge

Freezer a 512

Stand up freezer

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Walk in freezer

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Cold storage

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Dry storage

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Equipment storage

Bathroom 03 512

Hand wash basin

Bathroom 03 512

Food wash basin

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Drop off/loading area

Floor g

Ground floor access

Wifi rounded 3 512


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Three phase electrcity

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Fire safety system

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Waste management

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Cancellation policy

Full refund if cancellation made 24 hours before hire start time. Less than 24 hours prior to the beginning of the Hire Period, no refund.

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Square feet: 1000
Typical availability
Monday: 5:00pm - 5:00am
Tuesday: 5:00pm - 5:00am
Wednesday: 5:00pm - 5:00pm
Thursday: 5:00pm - 5:00am
Friday: 5:00pm - 5:00am
Saturday: 5:00pm - 5:00am
Sunday: 5:00pm - 5:00am
Type of occupancy




Hygiene rating
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